J. C. Klinkosch



Manufacturer: Josef Carl Klinkosch (1822 Wien –1888 Wien)
Date: Vienna ca. 1900
Material: silver
Measurements: H 36 x W 63,3 x D 43,5 cm
Signature: hallmark Frauenkopf, each piece signed with a monogram „F”

Description: Original case with five drawers, 280 pieces for 12: 24 knives, 24 forks, 12 spoons, 6 compote spoons, 12 ice spoons, 12 coffee spoons, 12 oyster forks, 12 fruit knives, 12 fruit forks, 12 Petits Fours knives, 12 Petits Fours forks, 6 crab knives big, 6 crab forks big, 6 crab knives small, 6 crab forks small, 12 mocha spoons, 12 fish knives, 12 fish forks, 12 dessert knives, 12 dessert forks, 1 tea strainer with bowl, 1 salad serving set, 1 soup ladle, 2 compote spoons, 1 asparagus tongs, 2 potato spoons, 1 milk ladle, 4 meat skewers, 4 ham serving forks, 3 salt cellars, 3 salt spoons, 1 sandwich tongs, 1 grape scissors, 1 bread fork, 2 pâté servers, 3 cork bungs, 2 eis knives, 1 roast chicken scissors, 1 tea spoon, 1 nutcracker, 1 fish serving knife, 1 fish serving fork, 1 confectionery server, 1 butter knife, 1 cheese knife, 2 meat serving forks.

Silver cutlery

Silver has been an integral part of tableware since the 18th century. The noble as well as the bourgeoisie used it in the form of cutlery and crockery. In France, the Parisian goldsmith Jean Baptiste Claude Odiot can be mentioned, who received many prestigious orders from Emperor Napoleon I.

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